Welcome to Podium Magazine!

Podium magazine is a magazine created to be a platform for the voices, talents and ideas of Muslim youth. Anyone can participate in this magazine, all you have to do is submit your work; and our team of editors will work with you to ensure your submissions are at the best standard they could possibly be.

This magazine has both a print and online platform, the print platform is produced every 8 weeks and can be ordered here. Once you subscribe you will receive Podium at your door and have full access to all our materials online.

Our Name:

‘Podium’ is a loose English translation of the term ‘minbar’. A minbar is normally used when members of our community make announcements or speeches such as the Friday sermon in the masjid. Traditionally the Prophet PBUH stood on the minbar to get the attention of the people in order to deliver an important message. However, in today’s society it is very rare to find young Muslims who get the opportunity to have their voices heard on the minbar.

Our Aim:

This magazine serves as that minbar to amplify the voices of those struggling to be heard. We aim to capture the wide variety of talents and voices of Muslim Youth in Australia and create a forum for intellectual and captivating discussions.

Our Vision:

To be the platform for balanced Muslim youth voices on issues relating to the Australian Muslim community.


We ask Allah SWT to bless this magazine, to guide us to always do what pleases Him and to always keep our intentions and the intentions of everyone who contributes pure.


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