What do you see when you look at me? Was this my decision? Is it really me? Do you see me as a symbol of oppression or tyrant rule? Do you pity me and see my hijab as cruel? “Was she forced? Does she have a choice?” You wonder and decide to give me a... Continue Reading →


Bricks, so jagged and rough They make everything seem so tough Varied they are in size and shape But are the same in their guise and scrape. There is no doubt that all of them hurt And so I warn you to always be on the alert. I don’t want you to fall into a... Continue Reading →

The Starved and the Furious

Starved and the furious, The days are long and unwinding. The first year, After four days of fasting, I decided that it was too hard. My very livelihood was at stake, Or so I thought. I was starving and furious. I became hungry, bored, and sleep deprived from the early suhoors; the smooth whispers of... Continue Reading →

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