Help… I’m feeling anxious

We all know what it is like to feel anxious: think about giving a speech to a room full of people … most of us feel nervous just at the thought!  In such situations, the experience of anxiety will usually pass after the event is over. Anxiety is a natural reaction to times of stress... Continue Reading →

A lost friend

Tears rolled down my face as my heart felt like it had just exploded and ripped into shreds as I read the message that had appeared on my phone. I read his name, and the details for his a’aza; I couldn’t believe it, he was truly gone. It was about four years ago that my... Continue Reading →

Journey with Mental Illness

Bismillah In the name of Allah SWT the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious. I suffer from schizophrenia, a mental illness that affects up to one in a hundred people worldwide. The illness disrupts the functioning of the mind and causes intense episodes of psychosis, including but not limited to delusions and hallucinations, as well as... Continue Reading →

When I gave my heart away

I had a senior position at a Muslim Youth organisation which had both males and females. is often meant that members of the committee would con de in me about their personal problems and issues. I began speaking to a brother there, and at first the conversation was always work related or it had a... Continue Reading →

Do you even lift bro?

Indeed, the Prophet PBUH has said, “the strong Muslim is better and more beloved to Allah SWT than the weak Muslim, and in both there is good...” [Muslim]. Alluding to the importance of seeking strength for Muslim men and women. If we are honest and realistic, our religion requires physically strong men and women to... Continue Reading →

Doctor’s Advice

Ramadan is upon us. The month we yearn for, the month of struggle. When I think back to the previous fasting years, I remember the effort it took to wake up in the cold mornings and drag myself to suhoor. My siblings and I would huddle around the heater, still drowsy from sleep, and I... Continue Reading →

The Elephant in your Bedroom

We were created with temptations and desires, maybe as a test, or maybe as a way of enjoying this life before the hereafter, but ultimately for a wisdom that only Allah SWT completely knows. However, it is not suited for Allah SWT to create these temptations within us, then let us walk around seeking fulfillments... Continue Reading →

Too Sick To Fast

As Ramadan was approaching last year, I had a gut feeling of dread. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the month of Ramadan, the spiritual high, the great community feeling; it’s all fantastic! However, for someone like me who has major digestive problems, unfortunately Ramadan also means dehydration, stomach pain and disappointment. I say... Continue Reading →

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