Dear World Leaders

Dear Leaders, May I consult with you briefly, As a Muslim I’ll portray this rather meekly, I endeavour to cease the concept of being scapegoats for capitalists so discreetly, The inaction makes it evident that trust has been lost towards global issues, Thus, this is a letter bringing forth recent atrocities, as a heads up... Continue Reading →

A climate of inaction

The Holy Qur’an frequently encourages us to re ect on the natural world around us, describing the partition of the two major oceans and the peg-like mountaintops. But how often do we, as Muslim Australians, pause to think about the impact we have on our environment? This is an important question that begs our attention,... Continue Reading →

Stop telling Muslim woman to be safe

Hijabi women are the most visible Muslims who face the brunt of Islamophobia in western societies, but to help them is not to control their movement. In the a ermath of teenage Nabra Hassanen’s murder in an anti-Muslim road rage incident, as the sympathy and grief was expressed throughout the western Muslim world, so were... Continue Reading →

Uncovering my Shadow Self

Nothing solidified my self-image, world view, and identity like my adolescence and formative years in high school. It is there where I struggled the most, where I chose to compromise, where I resisted, where I gained knowledge, and where I attempted to find my place in a highly-charged post 9/11 world. Being one of a... Continue Reading →

Ramadan: an Ode to our Prophet’s Hunger

When I reflect on the imagery in ‘Ramadan spirit’, I often envision Muslim volunteers distributing meat to poorer families in Jordan. That’s an association I formed in my early years, as this was part of the Islamic culture that some groups sought to bring to life in Muslim-majority nations. Ramadan, the month of abstaining from... Continue Reading →

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